How to find FREE Kindle Books for iPad, iPhone and Android

When times are hard or if you like to keep a lid on your spending, freebies come in handy and as such, we wanted to show you how to find FREE Kindle Books that not only work on Kindle devices, but also can be sent to the Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and other devices.

It’s much easier than you think and in fact, there’s so many free books on Amazon that you will need to quickly learn how to filter them to find the best and those relevant to what you like to read.

Finding Free Books on a Mobile Device – The Amazon site displays differently to desktop/laptop computers versus mobile devices, so if you’re on an iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device you can simply search “free kindle books” and then filter by Kindle Store, then price low to high. this will show hundreds of books costing £0.00.

How to get the Free Kindle Book on your iPad/iPhone/Android Device – Ignore the fact they are Kindle editions, as if you don’t have a Kindle device you just click “Buy for Free” and in the drop down below it select the device you have with the Kindle app installed. If you haven’t done this yet, just download the Kindle app to the said device and sign in with your Amazon account and it should appear on Amazon where you’re looking to buy a free book.

Finding the Best and Top Free Books on Amazon – On a mobile device you can head to *this Amazon page and filter by new releases in last 30 days, 90 days etc, or those that are featured and highly rated.

It’s easier to find the best free Kindle books on Amazon with a laptop or desktop, as another page on Amazon *shows the Top 100 Free Books that are likely most downloaded, but certainly popular and normally end up being the best choice for you to look through.

Hopefully, this quick guide will help you save some money on books for all your devices to enjoy for both adults and kids. You’ll find freebies on everything from how to draw to Disney characters, stories for children, cooking and recipes, love stories, fiction and lots more!

Prices, offers and other information valid when post last updated on July 19, 2020 at 8:26 am.

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