Learn to live off 10% less, save this money for your future

This might be hard for some to understand, but the power of learning to live off 10% less is something that can truly be amazing for your future. We have so much money coming through our hands throughout our life, if you learn to keep just 10% of all the money you receive for yourself and not let it go, it will build into a very large sum over the years.

This rule has been known to some of the richest people in our history for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, and is one of the principles learnt in such books, as the Richest Man In Babylon (Stories from a city over 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon). Even then, those that mastered riches knew to keep 10% of all the money that passed through their hands.

If you manage to master this simple rule, you’ll then want to invest it in ways for the 10% to grow and become your safety net and only invest in things that you can get your money back from quickly. I hope this helps someone, try it for one year and see what results it brings.

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