Ways To Save Water for Kids at Home

When it comes to saving water at home, there’s lots of things we can do, especially if you are looking for ways to save water for kids and teaching them conservation at home and in the garden. If you’re on a water meter, it helps to save money, also it’s great to teach children early for their future and the environment too.

Turn off the tap – It’s important for children to remember when brushing their teeth or washing hands or their face, for kids to learn to turn off the faucet when not in use. It’s not good letting the water simply run down the drain, also to tightly turn off the faucets to avoid a small, slow drip, which can waste a lot of water over time.

Don’t always flush, or use half flush – This might not be for everyone, also if it’s a number 2 they should certainly flush the toilet, but for a number 1 it might be a good idea to either use the half flush if your toilet has that option, or not to flush. The old saying, “if it’s yellow let it mellow”. If little ones go often, then this is an even more important water-saving tip.

Bath and Shower Time – Babies only need an inch or two of water for safety reasons when having a bath, also while older children obviously need more at bath time, they shouldn’t over fill the bath and again use too much water! This is a good way to save on water, but also when children are old enough it’s a good idea to switch to showers to save further water and look into water saving attachments for showers. There’s some good ones around.

Watering the Grass and Garden – Having a water butt can help save a lot of water, in fact water that is readily available in many countries thanks to lots of rain fall. This is a free resource that you should teach your kids to collect, old water can be collected using a water butt in the garden and even from leftover water bottles, half-drank cups or when boiling eggs, etc. Good to use on plants, to hydrate grass, and more! It’s always a good idea to help kids understand why it’s important to reuse water whenever possible in our lives now, so they can do it when older and even teach their children.

Re-Wear Clothes – While it’s important to be clean and keep clothing washed, it should only be done when they are truly dirty, sometimes clothes are clean and not needed to be washed. Obviously, some children, especially younger kids, will get very dirty often and you will have no choice but to wash their clothes.

Re-Use Towels – There really isn’t a need to wash towels everyday, so look to re-use towels whenever possible for as long as possible, in most cases they’ll still be clean for a few days.

Use the Same Water Cup or Bottle Throughout the Day – If you love to drink water throughout the day, a good habit for health, re-use the same bottle or cup all day to save on having to wash cups, etc over-and-over, as such saving further water on unneeded washes.

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